Trump Raid Propels DeSantis Ahead At 18+ Sportsbook Sites

The FBI's raid of Trump's Mar A Lago property have increased Ron DeSantis' odds of winning the Presidency in 2024, according to top 18+ sportsbook sites.

This week in US political news has been tumultuous, to say the least. Between the return of the Midterm Primary Elections and the active FBI raid of Donald Trump Sr’s Mar A Lago home, it has been a stretch of nonstop media hysteria. 

DeSantis Overtakes Trump

For 18+ political sports betting enthusiasts, the first thing to do after hearing the news is to check the event lines. And when it comes to the 2024 General Election, it seems that the former President’s leading status is beginning to fade. 

A potential bid from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a major point of discussion in political circles, even before Trump stepped down from his seat. But only now has the prospect of his Presidency been taken so seriously. 

Snatching Trump’s place at the top of the odds boards, #DeSantis2024 has taken the center stage in talks among Republican and Democratic campaign strategists alike. So far, it seems like the idea has caught some appeal.

The lines are as follows:

Odds to Win the 2024 US Presidential Election 

  • Ron DeSantis +250
  • Donald Trump Sr. +350
  • Joe Biden +450
  • Gavin Newsom +1100
  • Kamala Harris +1200

These odds have become very enticing to 18+ Florida sports bettors who want to rally behind a hometown favorite. Still, things are never as black and white as they seem. Especially this far out from the Election.

Mar A Lago And The Media

Although Gov. Ron DeSantis has been consistently ranked as a top contender for the Presidency, the consensus was always that the politician is too early in his career to pursue such a seat.

One might think that this change of circumstances would persuade the Governor to take advantage of Trump’s misfortune. But DeSantis’ specialty is subtlety—and Ron is in it for the long game.

Since the Mar A Lago raid, DeSantis has publicly denounced the FBI’s actions against Trump. Furthermore, he has also taken the opportunity to shoot some jabs at the Biden administration. In a tweet he says, 

“The raid of MAL is another escalation in the weaponization of federal agencies against the Regime’s political opponents, while people like Hunter Biden get treated with kid gloves.”

His public support strategy is effective, primarily guided by two simple steps: 

  1. Using the situation to highlight overstep by federal authorities.
  2. Avoiding any direct claims of Trump’s innocence.

Planning Your Political Bets

The Governor’s positioning here is very important. If the FBI does manage to dig up incriminating evidence against the former President, Trump’s election bid is out the window. 

However, if the FBI is not able to press charges with their findings, the momentum could propel Trump right back into the Oval Office. Should this prove to be the case, DeSantis’ Presidential ambitions are likely to be delayed another four years. 

Within the Republican Party, DeSantis has quickly become a populist sensation. One way or another, the country is bound to see this politician on the General Election ballot. 

But could this be the year that he wins? 

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Odds Courtesy of BetOnline

Source: Politico