18+ Sportsbook Offer Mayweather vs. Paul odds

Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather

Boxing is back this weekend with what many expect to be one of the biggest exhibition fights to date between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  

It is doubtful that this fight will exceed the 2017 fight revenue earned from Mayweather vs. McGregor, which was estimated around the $500 million mark according to Sportbible.com. Mayweather also took home about $275 million for his win, according to the report.

Paul vs. Mayweather probably won’t garnish a payday that big, but it will be worth it for all fighters involved. A similar fight with less experience in the ring just grossed an estimated $75 million and sold 1.3 million PPV’s.

How Logan Paul Can Defeat Floyd Mayweather

It seems to me that most of the world is betting on Floyd Mayweather to win the fight, and that will likely be the outcome but let’s look at the few advantages Paul has over Mayweather. 

The primary physique advantages Paul has over Mayweather include his height, his weight, and his reach. While for an experienced fighter, this wouldn’t be a fair fight, but Mayweather knows how to pick his battles and believes his experience can take down a much bigger amateur. 

Why Betting On Logan Paul is a Good Idea

While many people think it is unlikely that Paul stands a chance against Mayweather, the odds have a pretty good value on Logan Paul. If you have a little money you can risk on Paul, the reward will be worth it if he pulls off the win. 

Current Betting Odds For Mayweather vs. Paul

Odds via MyBookie

 Winner – 

  • Logan Paul +550
  • Floyd Mayweather -1000

Logan Paul Knocked Down? –

  • Yes -350
  • No +150

 Fight to go the distance? – 

  • Yes +250
  • No -400

As you can see, there are several options above if you choose to bet on boxing this weekend. When it comes to betting on the winner, a $100 bet at +550 will win $550. Whereas a $1,000 bet on Mayweather to win will only win $100. Therefore, you might want to play the props depending on who you think will win. 

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The Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather fight can be purchased on pay-per-view this upcoming Sunday, June 6th, 2021. 

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